This virtual event will contribute to the continuing development of the architectural professional by providing further mobility and transportability within the field of applying and understanding architectural photography. Price shown is exclusive of VAT - VAT will be added on Invoice.
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The digital photographic medium is currently on an unprecedented roll, and ever-increasing numbers of people are beginning to experiment with the challenges and rewards of this most modern medium.

Thanks to the digital revolution, architectural photography, with its endless variety of exciting subjects, has won many new fans among beginners and experienced photographers. Architectural photographers today are blessed with endless creative ways to capture and display their subjects.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is particularly true in the field of architectural photography. There is no better medium than a balanced, well-taken photograph for capturing and displaying the look and feel of a building.

This workshop uses numerous pictures to illustrate concepts described, and it provides answers to many theoretical and practical questions regarding equipment, technique, and the reasons buildings sometimes look so different in a photo than they do in reality.



Architectural Design
Computer applications


​The event is available as a pre-recording with a duration of ± 5 hours. You may stop and continue later. On the last day of every month a list of those who have succesfully completed the event will be extracted from the system and CPD certificates genereate - these certificates will be available on the e-Portal with the first two weeks of the next month.

​It is validated for 0.5 CPD Category 1 points for SACAP registered professionals.


Frans Dekker is the Managing Director of SAIAT and since 2008 has been involved in presenting CPD workshops for SAIAT.


  • SAIAT members R 450.00
  • Other professionals / Guests R 500.00
  • Students R50.00
    (All inclusive of VAT)

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