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Welcome to the dedicated CPD Certificate website of the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists NPC

A passionate self-governing institute that believes in loyalty and honesty towards its members and the profession and subscribes to the principles of fairness and transparency in all its activities and conducts with the vision to stimulate the expression of design and the application of technology in architecture.


To download a CPD certificate, click on MY CERTIFICATES above, and then on DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS.

To get e-mails from us and other validated CPD providers, SUBSCRIBE to the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS. (Please ensure that you are registered on the system to get targeted e-mails)


A video tutorial is available here on the SAIAT website.


Regarding CPD certificates:

Voluntary Associations are required to issue proof in writing to RPs registered with SACAP of attendance to such events to enable the RPs to claim the Category 1 CPD points.

Third-Party CPD providers validated by SAIAT are required to provide proof of attendance to SAIAT within 30 days of the date of the event. This is done via a secured webpage on the SAIAT website.

This proof of attendance must either be a signed copy of the attendance register where signatures were obtained at the venue, or a system-generated attendance register that proves that the attendee was online for at least 75% (rule subject to change) of the duration of the event.

The Third Party CPD providers must check all details, including SACAP registration numbers, and provide SAIAT with an Excel spreadsheet from where the details are copied and submitted to the system to generate the CPD certificates.

Failure by a Third Party CPD provider to comply with the above will result in the submission being rejected and they must re-submit such after corrections have been done. Please note that if no or an incorrect SACAP registration number is provided by the attendee, it will result in the words UNKNOWN appearing on the issued CPD certificate. Any request for corrections to CPD certificates after they have been generated will be charged at R150.00 per correction.

All registers for online activities are audited, and names will be deleted from the list if the attendee has spent less than 75% of the total duration of the event online. CPD is a statutory requirement as SAIAT must ensure that CPD claims are valid before we issue a certificate.

Please note that all enquiries regarding CPD events provided by third parties need to be addressed to the third party, who will then be in contact with SAIAT if required. We cannot entertain any direct enquiries.

The rules for CPD events offered directly by SAIAT via the SAIAT Regions or SAIAT CPD Events Online are published on our website ( and are part of the Terms and Conditions to which attendees agree when they register for an event.