On ordering any SAIAT CPD event, it is accepted by the individual that he/she is entering into a legal agreement with SAIAT to pay the correct amount to SAIAT as invoiced, either before the event, or any other period as SAIAT may stipulate from time to time. Interest of 6% plus the current repo rate per year will be charged on accounts with outstanting amounts older than 120 calendar days. Accounts with amounts outstanding after 150 calendar days will automatically be handed over for debt collection.

Non-attendance of a SAIAT CPD Live Event without cancellation (see below) does not waver payment. If the login details for a SAIAT CPD Online Event are not received within one business day after registration, SAIAT must be informed by phoning 073 184 3893. Claiming not to have received these details does not waver payment.

It is further understood and accepted that SAIAT is entitled to payment of a cancellation fee as mentioned hereunder if the order for a SAIAT CPD event is returned within the periods as stipulated below. No other cancellation method will be deemed acceptable. Please note that a SAIAT CPD Online Event cannot be returned after 24 hours of the order being placed.

It is understood and agreed that personal information will be submitted to a third party (GoToWebinar) to generate an unique link for access to online events, and although measures are put in place by SAIAT to protect all personal information, SAIAT will be indemnified from any damage that may be incurred if a data breach occurs with data managed by a third party.

CPD Attendance Certificates will be generated once a month by using data captured on the last day of the month. These certificates will become available on the SAIAT e-Portal withing the first ten (10) business days of the following month. Once a certificate has been generated, attendees will receive an email from cpdonline@cpd.saiat.org informing them that such certificate is available for download. It is understood that attendees must download the CPD Attendance Certificate by accessing their account on the SAIAT e-Portal. NO CERTIFICATES WILL BE EMAILED.

Note that for SAIAT CPD Events Online, certificates will only be issued for events completed in full, that is the total time logged by the system (this includes the sum of periods online for multiple sessions) must be equal to the duration of the event. Certificates will not be issued to those with excessive periods logged online, that is more than 1.5 times the duration of the event, as this is indicative of unattende access. If questions ask during an even are unanswered, the same rule will apply.



SAIAT will accept returns of orders for events as per the following criteria - note that returns must be done via the SAIAT e-Portal. No cancellations / returns will be accepted if done telephonically or via e-mail.

All SAIAT CPD Online Events and Regional Events:

Returning an order via the e-Portal must be done within 24 hours after the order has been placed. The system will not except returns after the period has elapsed.

SAIAT CPD Live Events:

Returns done up to 14 calendar days before the event's start date:
• No charge and full refund of event fee if any payment was made

Returns done less than 14 calendar days before but not later than 7 calendar days before the event's start date:
• 25% of event fee payable and 75% refund of event fee if any payment was made

Returns done less than 7 calendar days but not later than 2 calendar days before the event's start date:
• 50% of the event fee payable and 50% refund of the event fee if any payment was made

Returns done less than two calendar days before the event's start date or no cancellation:
• Not allowed full event fee payable or no refund