This virtual event will contribute to the continuing development of the architectural professional by providing further mobility and transportability within the field of applying and understanding architectural theory. Price shown is exclusive of VAT - VAT will be added on Invoice.
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Why do we continue to pretend that derelict living environments play no role in the pathologies of human health and behavior? Why is it that we never question the hardened premises of our glass-and-concrete cities? - HARRY FRANCIS MALLGRAVE

Malgrave is the author of the book " From Object to Experience " which forms the basis of this CPD event. According to Sarah Robonsin " no one could deny that architects are essentially makers. We create the plans that, in the complex collaboration that making involves, become buildings, artifacts, and cities. We draw boundaries, lay down lines, define paths along which our daily lives unfold. The grooves of habit are deepened along the routes suggested by the material world, and it is we who arrange, organize, and transform that physical domain. Yet how exactly do we arrive at the declaration that architects make culture? Is culture something higher, set apart from the matter of walls, roofs, paths, and streets? Or, is culture the amalgam of myriad forces—the climate of place, the economic and social affordances offered by light and topography, a compound of collective human habits—those very habits that we have a hand in directing? "

These questions lie at the very heart of this CPD event that will, through the thoughts of Harry Mallgrave, be discussed under the following topics:

  • Architecture is the practice of culture
  • The culture wars
  • A cultural model for design
  • New models of perception
  • Aesthetic perception
  • Feeling-for-form ... feeling-for-space
  • The athmosphere of place
  • The hearth and the storyteller
  • Ritualization and the ethos of design


• Architectural Design
• Architectural History, Theory and Precedent
• Building Services and related technologies
​The event is available as a pre-recording with a duration of ± 8.5 hours. You may stop and continue later. On the last day of every month a list of those who have succesfully completed the event will be extracted from the system and CPD certificates genereate - these certificates will be available on the e-Portal with the first two weeks of the next month.
​It is validated for 1.0 CPD Category 1 point for SACAP registered professionals.
Frans Dekker is the Managing Director of SAIAT and since 2008 has been involved in presenting CPD workshops for SAIAT.
  • SAIAT members = R 900.00
  • Other professionals / Guests = R 1 000.00
  • Students = R 100.00
    (All inclusive of VAT)
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